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d_scenestills's Journal

Disney Scene Stills
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a weekly Disney icon challenge

Welcome to Disney Scene Stills

Disney Scene Stills is a weekly icon challenge for Disney movies. Each week a new scene will be chosen from a film for members to icon. Members can use any images of the specific scene for their entries. Please feel free to join and watch even if you don't plan to enter, you can still help with voting.

Friday: Voting goes up
Friday: New challenge is posted
Sunday/Monday: Results are posted (depending on ties)

These are the rules for every challenge. New rules may be added in to fit around a specific challenge.
1. You must be a member to enter.
2. All icons must be new. They are to be kept hidden until the results are posted.
3. All icons must be 100x100 and under 40k in gif.,png.,or jpeg. format.
4. Include the HTML and URL code in the submiting post.
5. All effects except animation are allowed.

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